Criminal Justice

– Addresses the impact causes and consequences of incarceration on individuals, families and communities. Advocates for the elimination of racial disparities at different levels in respect to criminal activity, arrests, convictions, parole, aftercare, etc., law enforcement at the local level, legislation, public policy, and throughout the criminal justice system.

Community and Economic Development

– Seeks to increase social and economic opportunities for individuals by advocating for public policies that revitalize and increase African American business through the promotion of small business loans, employment, job development and training, and other opportunities to sustain the social, economic and environmental status of the community. The Funding Advisory Board (FAB) is a sub-committee of the Community and Economic Development Committee specifically put in place to support and address the needs of the Community and Economic Development Grant Program Initiative funded by DCEO.


– Consists of the Chair, Immediate Past Chair, and the Chair of the Finance and Personnel, H.W., Education, Community and Economic Development, and Criminal Justice Committees. The Executive Committee’s responsibility includes advising the Chair, planning the work of the commission, providing oversight to other committees and acting as the Board’s agent in the case of emergencies.

Finance and Personnel

– Reviews and approves the agency financial reports and budgets. Reviews audit reports and management recommendations and ensure corrective measures are undertaken as needed. A reviews budget initially prepared by staff and helps to develop appropriate procedures for budget preparations. Recommends financial guidelines to the Board, works with staff to design financial reports and ensure that reports are accurate and timely. This Committee recommends selection of the auditor; and advises the executive director and other appropriate staff on financial priorities and reporting systems. Also, drafts and/or revises personnel policies for board approval, reviews job descriptions, establishes salary structure, reviews staff salaries, and benefits package.



– Advocates for the elimination of disparities in health outcomes by addressing the determinants of disparities as well as interventions and policies designed to eliminate disparities.


– Addresses the diverse needs of families and communities related to social concerns such as community, safety, economics, employment, housing and racism that affect the quality of life and health of children, the elderly, women, men, and persons confronted by social or physical disadvantage.


– Promotes the elimination of ethnic and racial disparities in education by reviewing public policy, legislation, and advocating for equal access to quality education, equitable funding, quality teachers, and fairness in the implementation of education policies to increase the enrollment, retention and graduation of students along the education continuum.

All Committees are co-chaired by one of our Board of Commissioners listed below.

IAAFC Board of Commissioners


Dr. Seymour Bryson


Rev. Clifford Spears – Chairman
Lester Barclay
Chief Apostle Williams McCoy
Dr. Ida E. Cross-Pruitt
Waldo E. Johnson Jr.
Dr. Dexter Voisin
Rev. Scott Onque
Donald Dew


Sylvia Walker


Percy Dace


Dr. Beverly Johnson Thomas


Patricia Avery


Bishop E.L. Warren