IAAFC Initiatives

African American Communities Initiative

To address these disparities, the Commission is implementing its AFRICAN AMERICAN COMMUNITIES INITIATIVE (AACI). The AACI is a vision for the future of all African Americans residing in the state of Illinois and seeks to connect all relevant and pertinent components to ensure thriving communities.

The cornerstone of the AACI will include a focus on guiding the efforts of and collaborating with the state agencies that operate and are appropriated the resources for programs and services that are pertinent to building strong African American communities. As shown above, African American communities continue to face disparities in key indicators for quality of life such as health, education, employment, housing, and economic well-being. The Illinois African American Family Commission will work to remove the systemic and institutional barriers that bring about these disparities and limit equal opportunities.

The African American Communities Initiatives weekly meeting occurs every Tuesday morning at the Commission office on 2925 S. Wabash Ave. There is also a call in number for those who can not come in person.

Committees formed under the African American Community Initiative

Economic Development Workgroup – Michael Thomas, Chair

Housing Community and Housing Reform Workgroup – Geraldine Blair – Chair, Darryl Holmes – Co-chair

Healthcare Reform & Safety Workgroup

Criminal/Juvenile Justice Workgroup

If you are interested in having your email added to any of the workgroups contact the Commission office at 1-312-326-0368.